About Us

“My name is Corrine and I eat a burger for a living. Fun right? Yeah, but it can be complicated sometimes when I struggle on making a review about a certain burger because of so many choices out there.

I open up this a blog with the hopes to document my food excursions around New York. Before, I didn’t expect to get a lot of social media followers and then I get a lot of comments that suggest that I should make my own blog site about my burger adventure.

The islandburgernewyork.com is a blog that reviews the best burgers around New York and another state. I personally created this for my passion for beef, buns, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, egg, bacon & sauce.

Every burger I eat, I approach with the same unbiased and optimistic attitude. Whether I’m paying $5 in a diner or $25 in a restaurant, the chances of success are exactly the same – that’s the beauty of the hamburger.”